Taylor Swift Made a Ton of Snake References in the “End Game” Video

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When Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift for knowing about Kanye West‘s song, “Famous,” the blonde was bombarded with snake Emojis on every social media platform. She made a quick statement, but then went completely M.I.A. from the public eye for basically an entire year. But when she finally came back for the Reputation era, she knew exactly what she had to do to take back the narrative and her first move was to re-own the snake.

The 28-year-old has featured the slithering reptiles in her merchandise, outfits, live performances and, of course, music videos. While the snake wasn’t the main feature of her most recent vid for “End Game,” Tay definitely made sure to insert some sneaky references throughout.

In one scene, T.Swift can be seen sitting on a bar playing the old-school game Snake on her phone. But in Tay’s world, the game is called Endgame and she’s on level 13. *SHE* *DID* *THAT* !!!!

There’s also a brief moment where the camera pans to a glass, which just so happens to have a snake straw sitting inside.

Annnnd then we simply cannot forget to mention how the former country crooner drives a freakin’ motorcycle through the streets of Tokyo, Japan, while wearing a snakeskin body suit.

To be perfectly honest, Taylor Swift literally never ceases to amaze us. How does she come up with this stuff?! The details! The thought! The Easter eggs!

If you still haven’t seen the full “End Game” music video featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, you can check it out below.