13 Moments You May’ve Missed in Taylor Swift’s “End Game” Music Video

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The license plate number.

Taylor Swift End Game Music Video Hidden Messages

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If you’ve been a Taylor fan since the very beginning of her impressive career, there’s a good chance you know all about how 13 is her lucky number. Taylor has made references to this particular number in many of her previous music videos, and the video for “End Game” is certainly no exception. The first time we see the number 13 is when Tay and Future go for a joyride around Miami during his verse. With Tay in the passenger seat and Future behind the wheel of a super sleek convertible, the duo looks totally bad-a**. But when the frame changes and we get a glimpse of the back end of the car, a 13 is clearly visible on the license plate right before the two speed off and continue their adventure in the city.