All the Times Taylor Swift Sang with a Squad Member’s Bae

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Taylor Swift has… unique relationships with each of her friends. While some might never talk to their pals again after one hooks up with the other one’s ex, she and her squad members share boyfriends quite a bit. So you can bet that it’s far from out of the question for her to sing with her BFF’s bae. ’cause, hey, why not?

While she did sing with Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid‘s ex (and her own), that was years before the couple formerly known as GI Joe was even a thing. And, yes, the 26-year-old did tour with Austin Mahone, Camila Cabello‘s former flame, but that was prior to Ausmila dating. What you’re about to see are all the times Taylor Swift sang with one of her squad member’s CURRENT baes:

1. That time she dropped a surprise track with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid’s bae. FOR 50 SHADES DARKER! NEVER saw that one coming.

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2. All those times she crooned with Ed Sheeran. Before, during and after he hooked up with Ellie Goulding. Taylor & Ed even toured together!

3. When she took the stage in 2008 with Selena Gomez’s bae at the time, Nick Jonas. Plus her own boyfriend at the time, Joe Jonas.

4. Then, in 2011, when she collaborated with Selena’s new bae, Justin Bieber. #rememberwhen

5. That time she released a music video with Dom Sherwood, Sarah Hyland’s boyfriend. He didn’t sing or anything, but, MAN, did he look good.

6. When she slayed the 2016 Grammy Awards with Jack Antonoff, Lena Dunham’s husband. He was the guitarist… and the song’s co-writer.

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