Why People Think Taylor Swift Shaded Kim Kardashian at Her Listening Party

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Taylor Swift‘s Reputation Secret Sessions are fully underway, and many hints have been given about what we can expect come November 10th (like this album being her BEST one yet), but many were quick to notice Taylor’s attire that had serious shade written all over it.

2017 is surely the year of the snake, and it’s no secret that Taylor has been associated with the reptile ever since her feud with Kanye West over lyrics he used in his song, “Famous”, and later when Kim Kardashian tweeted about National Snake Day and pretty much directed it at Taylor:

And as we all know, Taylor has used the snake in reference to her new album when she deleted everything off her social media and posted videos of a snake leading up to the release of her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Over the weekend, Taylor held a listening party for her new album in the UK, dubbing it the Reputation Secret Sessions, and in photos that surfaced from fans who were invited by the star, she is literally covered in snake references!

As you can see, Taylor is wearing a serpent ring, which is included in her Reputation merch collection and high-top Gucci snake boots, embroidered with a red venomous snake all the way up to the knee. And if you’re about to look up the price, don’t worry — they can be yours for a whopping $2,400. (We already looked.)

Some fans have referenced to the fact that Tay’s attire is another dig at Kimye, and that she’s completely milking the snake image as hard as she can. If she is or if she isn’t, Taylor DID warn us that the old Taylor is officially dead.