28 Tweets That Prove Some Taylor Swift Fans Have Dirty AF Minds

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It’s been over a decade since Taylor Swift came out with “Teardrops on My Guitar” — feel old yet? — and she’s clearly not the same country cutie strumming a guitar that she once was. Her 2017 Reputation album release shocked some fans with a few more ~adult~ references than they were used to, but hey, she’s 27 freaking years old! And she did say the old Taylor is dead, after all.

Other fans are so on board with this new T.Swift, and we’d guess most of the X-rated Twitter users below would fall under that umbrella. They’ve been saying really raunchy things to the “Call It What You Want” singer since back when she had a sugary sweet good-girl image. But even now that she’s breaking out of that, we think these tweets are still a little much. The old Taylor def wouldn’t approve — and we don’t think the new Taylor will either.

1. Cool story bro.

2. DEAD.

3. No. #factsonly

4. Nothin’ like a little holiday spirit.

5. Too bad.

6. Ew times infinity.

7. How about no?

8. “Now”?

9. What kind of proposal is that?

10. Um…

11. Of all places.

12. Thanks?

13. Interesting…

14. Look around.

15. One word: WOW.

16. LOL.

17. Ever heard of playing hard to get?

18. Negative.

19. Not gonna happen.

20. No, thanks for asking.

21. Good to know!

22. Pass.

23. TMI.

24. A million times no.

25. Just stop.

26. EW.

27. You can keep that to yourself.

28. Thumbs down.