19 Hot Male Celebrities Who Taylor Swift, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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Hollywood is full of serial daters: Joe Jonas is a big one; his brother, Nick Jonas, is too. But there’s no one — NO ONE — more infamous than Taylor Swift.

While her aforementioned ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, has certainly racked ’em up, dating everyone from AJ Michalka & Demi Lovato to Gigi Hadid & Sophie Turner, Taylor’s got roughly 20 celebrities on her dating timeline; many of ’em being the inspiration behind one of her hit songs!

Of course, that’s not meant to slut-shame her in any way. Heck, if we were surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous, famous men, we probably would want to strike up ~relationships~ with all of them as well! Nevertheless, we wanted to keep you informed of all Tay’s supposed hookups. Here are 19 hot male stars who Taylor Swift, quote-unquote, dated: