Taylor Swift Spotted Holding Hands And Hanging Out With Conor Kennedy

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Earlier this month, rumors flared about Taylor Swift and her potential new guy Patrick Schwarzenegger after pictures surfaced of her spending 4th of July weekend with Patrick and the Kennedy family in Hyannis Port, Mass. They were spotted tossing sand at each other, flirting, and even hugging. The nation went crazy, ecstatic that their favorite sparkly dress-wearing, cat-loving, country-singing cutie could possibly become part of America’s unofficial royal family, the prestigious Kennedys. Well, it turns out they had the wrong Kennedy.

Taylor was spotted with a different Kennedy this weekend. This time it was Conor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Richardson Kennedy. They were seen kissing, holding hands and being totally touchy-feely, New York Post reports. Taylor arrived at the Kennedy’s compound early Friday evening, where she and Conor bounced on a trampoline with a big black dog. Later on, just like normal kids, they went to a local house party, where the guests were surprised to see Conor and Taylor there together. A source dished that, “All of Hyannis Port was there.”

Later, Taylor and Conor left the party through the back door and held hands as they walked down the beach. How cute?! After that, they met a group of Conor’s friends at a local pizza joint. The source spilled,  “He found her a seat. It was very sweet. She was laughing and talked with a lot of little kids.” The next day, they went sailing at a nearby yacht club, hung out with Conor’s family and went to church. Check out this pic a fan took of them below!


And check out this full-length pic below:



Taylor, who is 22, usually goes for older guys, but not this time. Conor just turned 18 late week. The new couple hasn’t made it official yet, but they look preeeeety cozy in those pictures, leading us to believe that Miss Swift was probably at the Kennedy compound during 4th of July for Conor, not Patrick, and that the paparazzi probably just snagged pictures of Tay getting to know Conor’s family better.

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