5 Reasons Why the Kennedy Break-Up is T.Swift’s Most Awkward One Yet

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Taylor Swift has gone through some pretty epic break-ups, but she may have hit her awkward-level high when her relationship with Conor Kennedy was pronounced ‘dunzo’ toward the end of Red-release week. After all, it’s one thing to have to pass your ex on the way to Algebra every day, but it’s another to parade your love on a national tour. Fear not, Taylor, it’s all uphill from here! We figure that this is the last time she’ll have to deal with:

The Award
The Kennedys were all set to honor Taylor’s humanitarian contributions with a dinner this December, and they’ve announced that plans will continue with those honors. But really, what’s more awkward — having your ex’s family give you a major award, or sitting through a dinner with everyone telling you how great they think you are to your face… and maybe thinking another inside?


The House
Taylor became such a big fan of Conor’s summer hometown, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, that she ended up buying the house across the street from his grandmother, Ethel. Well, nothing like paying a monthly mortgage to remind you of your former flame — or running into his grandma at the gas station, the grocery store, the mall…


The Album of Break-Up Songs About Other Exes
From the secret messages on Red, it seems like Taylor has written songs about a lot of her famous splits, then several about falling in love (with Conor?). The album was surely meant to show a progression from heartbreak to lasting love, but it was not to be.


That Even Donald Trump Has Commented On It
Donald Trump isn’t exactly known for being hep to the jive outside of the business world, but lately it seems like he’s commenting on everyone’s relationships — and Taylor’s is no exception. After calling the split “great news for Taylor,” we couldn’t help but be puzzled.


Now She Will Tour The Story Across the Country
You know how at first after a break-up, all you want to do is cry and have your friends help you through? But then, eventually, you eat some Ben & Jerry’s and move on? Well, imagine doing that holding pattern… for a year! Yes, as Taylor goes on tour singing songs about her newfound love that has now ended, we can’t help but feel sad for Tay having to relive any painful memories of the trauma.



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