Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Split?!

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Is Taylor Swift single and ready to mingle once again? It appears that way, as there are new reports saying the 22-year-old country cutie has split from her most recent beau, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy. Even though her new album Red was just released earlier this week, does this mean a whole new slew of break-up tunes for her next CD? Not exactly…

A source says that there are “no hard feelings” between the two, and the split was merely a result of Taylor’s busy schedule. “They quietly parted ways a while ago,” adding that it was a “distance thing” and that they’re “fine.” Taylor and Conor started dating over the summer, and some say that the track “Begin Again” off Red was written about him, since there are lyrics that touch on strong family ties, and Conor is part of the legendary Kennedy clan.

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