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People Think Taylor Swift’s “Gorgeous” Implies She Cheated on Tom Hiddleston

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Get ready to overanalyze yet another cryptic Taylor Swift song…

Taylor just released her newest track off her upcoming sixth studio album, Reputation, called “Gorgeous,” and while the reaction to the song has been pretty positive out the gate with fans for its catchy beat, there are a few lyrics in there that have raised some eyebrows and stirred up some serious speculation. The lyrics in question have Taylor seemingly admitting to not only being interested in another guy while she has a boyfriend — it sounds like she invites the new “gorgeous” guy back to her place while her current bae is off at some club…

As you can see and hear in the lyric video, Taylor sings, “I’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than us, he’s in the club doing I don’t know what,” and later in the song she follows that up with, “There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have, guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats… alone, unless you wanna come along.”

Now I’m no FBI agent, but that sounds like Taylor is ready to at least break things off with her current bae if it means hooking up with this new guy. (#BeenThereDoneThat, girl). So the question on everyone’s mind with those lyrics is WHICH TWO GUYS IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?! Some fans think she’s talking about falling for Tom Hiddleston while Calvin Harris wasn’t around, perhaps at the 2016 Met Gala, but then others are thinking the “gorgeous” guy in question is her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, which means timing-wise the boyfriend she’s referring to would probably be Tom Hiddleston. The one clue that she’s singing about Joe as the gorgeous guy and Tom as the boyfriend is when she sings, “And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us”, which definitely fits THAT dynamic over the Calvin/Tom one, seeing as Calvin Harris is three years Tom’s junior.

Before you start doing your own detective work and try to figure out who exactly the song is about, Taylor reportedly told a few attendees at her secret sessions that the song is, in fact, about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Multiple fans who went to the secret listening parties wrote that Taylor had no problem with them telling the world that the song is about Joe…

If that’s all true and Taylor is really being THAT forthcoming for once (SUS), then the real question is… WHO THE HECK IS THE BOYFRIEND AT SOME CLUB?! It definitely sounds like something DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris would be up to, but then the timing doesn’t really add up. So then we have to assume the boyfriend is Tom Hiddleston, but he doesn’t really sound like the guy who would be at some club, does he? DAMN. You gotta credit the girl for keeping us guessing.