8 Big-Name Celebrities Who Seriously Shaded Taylor Swift on Instagram

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The world hasn’t been the same since Kim Kardashian dragged Taylor Swift by exposing her on Twitter and Snapchat. We’re guessing the “Blank Space” singer learned a lot from that saga (like, never ever cross the Kardashian clan), but the massive shade wasn’t the first time Tay’s been dissed through social media. If anything, the blonde is probably used to getting slammed by other celebs through online posts — it’s been going on for years now, nearly all the way back to her “Teardrops on My Guitar” days.

So who are these celebs taking aim at T.Swizzle other than Kimye? Some are exes, some are frenemies, and some are just fellow stars who’ve grown tired of the songstress and couldn’t help but vent.Don’t take it too personally, T.Swift! See for yourself: