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Taylor Swift Reacts to Her Cats’ Cameos in Deadpool 2

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Taylor Swift may have a packed schedule with her Reputation tour in full swing, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to celebrate her cats’ big screen debuts!

Taylor took to Twitter to share the big news of Olivia and Meredith’s big Hollywood debut in Deadpool 2. Taylor first posted a screenshot of her pal Ryan Reynolds from the movie, revealing Olivia and Meredith’s big moment. The famous felines are featured on Ryan’s shirt along with the text “Best Friends Purrrr-Ever.” And judging by Taylor’s caption on the screenshot — she is one PROUD fur mama. And she wasn’t done there — Taylor revealed the news to her cats and captured it all on her Insta story…

We’ll take Meredith’s aggressive purring in the second clip as evidence that she was VERY happy about the news. Of course, when Taylor asked Olivia what she thought of the cameo, the white fluffer seemed (hilariously) less than impressed.

In addition to being close friends with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Taylor is a big Deadpool fan herself, and she even dressed up as Deadpool for Halloween last year. Taylor also featured Ryan and Blake’s daughter James in her song “Gorgeous”, so it’s nice for Ryan to have returned the cameo favor with the hilarious Deadpool 2 shout out to Tay’s fur daughters.