Taylor Swift Sued for $1.8 Million Over Canadian Concert Cancellation

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Taylor Swift may never, ever have the same relationship with some of her Canadian fans again. Last year, the singer was pegged to headline Capital Hoedown, an annual outdoor music festival that takes place the second weekend of August in Ottawa, Canada. As per her agreement, she earned an advance fee of $2.5 million. However, Taylor’s now facing legal action pertaining to the aforementioned concert.

According to reports, Taylor allegedly bailed on her contract after the event’s cancellation because she kept her paycheck without playing the gig. Ticketing company FIRE USA Inc. is accusing the “22” singer and her management company, Messina Group, of taking the money, then refusing “to perform and/or reschedule a new appearance,’ which ‘amounted to a breach’ of that contract.” Since FIRE itself is facing a lawsuit from Evo Merchant Services, the credit card payment processing company involved, for $1.8 million in losses, FIRE is holding Taylor Swift and co. responsible for the damages.

When approached on the subject of the suit, Taylor’s reps claimed that the country crooner never made a deal nor have they seen the lawsuit in question.

On another note, Harry Styles is finally opening up over his very-public split with Taylor. In an interview with Capital FM radio, the One Direction boy bander admits that he’s doing well after the break-up, saying “yeah, I’m good.” He goes even further to say that “she’s a sweet girl,” despite her Grammys revenge.

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