Taylor Swift Wrongfully Accused of Bribing Grammys Voter with VIP Tix

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Taylor Swift‘s Reputation Stadium Tour concluded in Arlington, Texas over the weekend and the singer apparently wanted as many people to attend as possible. A producer named Tommy Krasker, who’s part of the Recording Academy and votes for who wins Grammy awards each year, received a large box from Tay, seemingly inviting him to attend one of the final concerts, VIP style.

The producer tweeted a video of the package and said, “A giant box came in the mail. When we lifted the lid, a video began. It was Taylor Swift inviting us to her performance this weekend in Arlington, TX. Beneath were our VIP tickets and passes. Needless to say, we didn’t order these but it’s great fun sometimes being a grammy voter.”

Quickly, people began criticizing the “Delicate” singer for allegedly trying to bribe Grammy voters with free tickets and special access to her tour.

One person tweeted, “Taylor Swift lowkey trying to bribe the grammy committee. i have to laugh.”

“Taylor is bribing Grammy voters with VIP tickets she’s so desperate…” someone else said.

When Tommy realized people were hating on the 28-year-old for trying to bribe him with concert tickets, he was quick to clear the air. As it turns out, the box was actually inviting him to BUY the VIP tickets, not giving them to him for free.

He also addressed why he deleted his original tweet showing off the special delivery.

“Actually, I was sitting down to dinner, and started to get angry messages in response to my 2-day-old tweet,” he said. “It was odd & upsetting, so I decided to delete it. But I am awfully sorry I wasn’t more clear originally; it really was just about a mail delivery that was fun to receive.”

So no, Taylor is NOT trying to bribe Recording Academy members with special access to her concerts. And even if she did send the producer free tickets, all of her successes this year are surely enough to warrant a few Grammy nominations, no?