An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Girl, Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Birthday Poem December 13 Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! And what better way to celebrate Swifty’s big day than with our usual birthday poem? Only the best for the Princess of Country music slash the chick that wins every single award every year ever even though she’s only 22. If it sounds like we’re a little jealous it’s cause we are a little bit. But moving on…

Read our funny poem to Taylor below!


Today Taylor’s 22. The thirteenth of December
Hence why her lucky number is 13. Remember?
And it’s been quite a huge year for Ms. TSwift
So big, in fact, that she prob doesn’t even need a gift.
But we’re going to give her one anyway,
A birthday poem, of course. Now let’s take it away!

Where do we even start? We’re not really sure
Well, actually, let’s begin with her tour.
Throughout 2011 Taylor was on “Speak Now” around the world
And in her glittery dresses, on-stage she twirled

She also put out tons of music vids, like for “Mine” and “Mean”
That everyone could relate to whether or not you’re a teen.
She also released Wonderstruck, her perfume
And if you wear it, you’ll smell up the whole room.

But did Taylor have a BF this year? We think not
Though she previously dated Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal, who are hot.
But it doesn’t even matter, because she got the biggest honor ever
Billboard Mag’s Woman of the Year! Hey, never say never!

We’re also jeal of Taylor cause with famous friends she is blessed,
Like Selena, Demi, Katy, Nicki, but uh, not Kanye West.
So on your 22nd birthday, Taylor, go out and have some fun
And just remember that when all is said and done,
You made us love country music and we’re thankful for that
And even though you’re famous, you’re totally not a brat.

Oh, but this time don’t give us your surprise face
And accept that in the music biz (and Teen.com!) you have a place.
Ok, that’s all. We’re gonna go away now.
But have a great birthday! Sayanora! Ciao!

Was that poem one of our best ones yet? What’s your bday message for Taylor? You can leave ’em all right here!