Must-Watch Vid: Allstar Weekend Gets Busted by Taylor Swift! Uh, Kinda…

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Taylor Swift getting her own TV show seems kind of, well, let’s be real, it would absolutely never happen. But let’s just imagine for a sec that Tay Swift did have her own drama. And that she was getting the guys of Allstar Weekend in trouble with the law for trespassing at a high school prom where they filmed their video “Not Your Birthday.” Can’t imagine it? It’s okay, because the funny folks over at Electric Spoofaloo did it for us in the form of a hilarious video and, yes, there’s a guitar and a very Taylor-esque song in it. We’re dying of laughter.

And, wait, who are those 4 hot dudes in mustaches? They sure look familiar…

Anyway, click on to watch the super cute spoof!

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Ha! What’d you think of the video? Do you think Taylor should get her own show? Tell us in the comments!