Listen Up: Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” Hits Today!

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Taylor Swift’s newest album, “Speak Now” is already getting plenty of attention thanks to its juicy lyrics to boyfriends past, and since the album hits today (go get yours right now, P.S), we can finally hear what all that hype is about!

So, which songs and lyrics are attached to those famous dumped dudes? Which songs are must-listens? Read on!

One of our faves off the new record, “Back to December,” is said to be an apology to ex-bf Taylor Lautner. “It’s the first time I’ve ever apologized in song,” she told USA Today. “It is a song and a conversation that needed to happen, because I don’t want to hurt people.”

The lyrics are so obviously about Jacob Taylor:
This is me, swallowing my pride, standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night. I go back to December all the time.

As for the rest of the tracks, “Dear John” is apparently a not-so-nice letter to ladies man John Mayer, while Perez Hilton speculates via Twitter that “Ours” is about bowling partner Cory Monteith and “The Story of Us” is about that infamous 27-second breakup phone call with Joe Jonas.

Either way, the album is awesome and these new breakup anthems are sure to be blasted in the ears of jerks everywhere! Are you going to pick up “Speak Now”? Speak now Tell us in the comments!