9 Big-Name Actors Who Gave Love a Shot with Taylor Swift

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Okay, we’re gonna be super real with you about this one — we’re huge fans of Taylor Swift (as are you, we hope). And yet, we’re also going to be the first ones (that’s a lie, but you get it) to drop the mic on this truth — she doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to relationships. But here’s the thing… T.Swift is a young, beautiful girl who grew up in the spotlight doing what basically every single human also did when they were becoming adults — GO ON DATES! So just because you see the media talking about how she’s so ~crazy~ and such a ~player~ doesn’t mean it’s true, because it’s not. Okay? Okay.

Sorry for being mean back there. We’re just really passionate about this. Anyways, the 27-year-old’s dating history is full of celebrities, most of whom we love — but has anyone ever thought about it hard enough to categorize them? WE THINK NOT. But also, we’re not sure if that makes us super weird…WHATEVZZZ!

Tay’s love-life record includes her romancing a bunch of musicians, models, and even some regulars, but there’s one type of guy she just can’t seem to stay away from — actors. They’re obviously the hottest of the bunch (we can confidently say this now that Harry Styles starred in his first feature film and can now officially be considered an actor), and we need another excuse to look at them until they put out more films. So here it is — the best of both worlds. You’re about to drool over some hot guys, AND talk about ya girl T Swizzle. *SWOOOOOON*