Will Taylor Celebrate the Big 2-1 With Drinks — and Jake?!

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Taylor Swift turns 21 on December 13, but despite other celebs (ahem, Miley) who we’d expect to throw crazy Hollywood ragers when they turn of legal drinking age, Taylor is going the more demure route and planning a chill party in her home. Taylor told People.com, “I definitely want a winter-themed birthday – Christmas-themed. And I’d really like to have it in my condo. I think that would be wonderful.”

What would also be wonderful? A joint b-day party with boyf Jake Gyllenhaal, who turns 30 at the end of the month. But hey, no one asked for our opinion.

But will any shots cocktails be on-hand at the soiree?

Possibly, but maybe not. Taylor continued:

“I’m not one of those people who’s never going to have a drink. I like to dance around and have fun with my friends and we have a blast, but I’ve never felt really compelled to be drunk and I don’t think that’s terribly awful.”

Actually, that’s terribly awesome. We can’t even imagine what Taylor’s songs would be like anyway if her lyrics were about drunken escapades rather than love lost and sappy romance. Ha! Do you like Taylor’s squeaky-clean image?