Taylor Momsen’s Flash Before Our Eyes!

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No, this is not a post for a Halloween costume suggestion. It’s a flash before your eyes — literally — of Taylor Momsen‘s 17 year old breasts! At a gig this weekend with The Pretty Reckless, Taylor, mid-song, whipped her extensions out of her face, ran her hands down her chest, and pulled her wide-neck tee to reveal her pastie-covered boobs. And we’ve got the vid to prove it…

Of course, there’s been a whole huge hullabaloo of buzz from concerned parents groups. Has Taylor Momsen’s taste for revealing clothing (or lack thereof, as some would argue), gabbiness about her vibrating bff, and pyro tendencies gone too far? Are these headline grabbing antics or is she just a little nutz? Or is this NBD?

Watch the vid below and tell us what you think!