Is That Taylor Momsen Drinking a Beer With Sarah Hyland and RJ Berger?

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Ruh-ro. First Miley was caught drinking a beer in Spain, and now these pics of Taylor Momsen holding a Coors Light have surfaced on the internet, courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t! and Earsucker. At first we were skeptical, but then we saw a few more familiar faces in the shots—Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and RJ Berger, aka Paul Iacono!

So are these photos real or fake? We did some investigating

We discovered that they all attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, and judging from the lack of raccoon-eye makeup—and, well, her smiley face—this pic was taken a few years ago. (Also judging from the side ponytail and sparkly belt, we’ll give Tay the benefit of the doubt and assume this was a theme party.) Regardless of when these pics were taken, Taylor is currently 17, which means she was totally holding that beer for a friend. Right?

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