From Our BFFs: Is Taylor Lautner Joining a Football Team?!

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What a tough job Taylor Lautner has! He got to chill with some hunky football players while filming his new Funny or Die vid. Um, can we be an extra, Taylor?! [JSYK]

Pretty Little Liars cutie Brendan Robinson, aka Lucas, reveals his celeb crush! And strangely it’s not Ashley Benson… [Seventeen]

And speaking of Pretty Little Liars, it looks like someone on the show is getting hitched! Which Rosewood couple do you think it is? [Wetpaint]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen now have a new fashion website to add to their fashion brand. What are they, like, Lauren Conrad or something?! [Just Jared Jr.]

OMG, Justin Timberlake is back to making music! Or, uh, music videos, at least. [Popdust]

Lady Gaga is strongly denying claims that that she used the gay community to sell records. Seriously, how do people come up with this stuff?! [Hollywire]

The four dudes of Big Time Rush covered a classic song by those other four dudes, The Beatles, and OMG, it’s amazing. [4TNZ]

Looks like those stripper boots and angry songs were good for something. Taylor Momsen has found herself a boyfriend! [Posh 24]

Who’s newbie Kacey Rohl? Um, she plays Cory Monteith‘s on-screen sister in their new movie. Yeah, we thought that’d get your attention. [IHeartDaily.com]

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