Taylor Lautner to Star in BBC Three Comedy, Cuckoo

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Congratulations are in order for the now-22-year-old Taylor Lautner. Just in time for his birthday — today! — word got out that the hunk's been cast on a TV show, which makes it the first television role for Taylor since before The Twilight Saga. That's huge!

The usually-shirtless heartthrob has signed up to star on the second season of BBC Three comedy Cuckoo. Andy Samberg used to be the lead (Cuckoo) on the scripted show, but with the success of his stint on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which he just picked up a Golden Globe for), he will NOT be returning.

According to BBC News, Cuckoo "will pick up two years after Samberg's character has disappeared while walking in the Himalayas. He is presumed dead… Lautner will play a mysterious stranger who arrives to turn [the other characters'] lives around again."

BBC Three's Zai Bennett says of the news, "I'm delighted to welcome [the show] back with the addition of superstar Taylor Lautner." It will be "one of the comedy treats of the year."

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