From Our BFFs: Are You Excited for Taylor Lautner’s Non Twilight Flick, Abduction?

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We are! Because if the poster for Taylor Lautner‘s Abduction is any indication, the movie is gonna be hot. [Just Jared]

Are Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively fighting over the same role? Somehow we think we know who’s gonna win this one… [Posh24]

Wondering if Little J is ever returning to Gossip Girl? Taylor Momsen says, well, not much. [Seventeen]

In case you’ve forgotten, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 comes out on DVD today! You’re on your way to the store right now, right?! [Twist]

Spoiler alert! Is Ricky going to ruin Adrian and Ben’s wedding plans on Secret Life? Pretty sure we predicted that, like, 3 episodes ago. [Wetpaint]

Take a listen to the amazing tunes (and voice) of the adorable newcomer Cara Salimando. [JSYK]

All Time Low? We’re all time obsessed. Especially with this interview with them backstage at one of their shows. [Hollywire]

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