Taylor Kitsch is Basically Shirtless in All of John Carter. And Still Extremely Hot.

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Despite the fact that he’s cut his very sexy hair, Taylor Kitsch is still extremely hot. This is a fact. And even hotter if that’s, uh, possible, is Taylor’s new movie John Carter, which we got an exclusive first look at yesterday. Sure, there’s the cool story about a Civil War-era guy getting transported to Mars, fighting crazy mutants and falling for the ridiculously gorg girl (Lynn Collins), but our eyes were transfixed to the screen because Taylor is basc shirtless the whole film. ‘Nuff said.

Check out what Taylor had to say about landing the role, getting into shape better shape, and whether he prefers the long or short hair (But really, what he thinks doesn’t matter. What do you think: Long or short?).

Teen: John Carter is such a huge part — what was your reaction when you found out you got it?

Taylor Kitsch: The director, Andrew Stanton, called me and I was on my boat in Austin, TX and I was strapping on the wakeboard to go out. You can get so wrapped up and worried about if you got the part, especially when you’re waiting.  They’re like, “Yeah, we’re gonna hit you in two weeks.” And that two weeks, it felt like ten years. So I was just trying to keep busy, you know? Then I got the call and I had a rush of overwhelming-ness and responsibility.

Teen: And in the movie, your shirt is off half the fricken’ time, right?

Taylor Kitsch: Yeah! I’m pretty out there.

Teen: How did you prep your body differently from when you did for Friday Night Lights?

Taylor Kitsch: With Rigs [Tim Riggins, his FNL character], he drinks everyday and he’s a football player so I could get a bit bigger, but with this it was just more… Right when I got the role I was like, “Oh man, I’m gonna get jacked.” But the more research I did and decided who John was to me, it seemed very unrelatable. So I dialed down a lot on his body, especially after doing research on what Civil War guys looked like. It was just an insane 11-month diet regimen.

Teen: So, what were you eating?

Taylor Kitsch: I’d get up at 4am and work out, and then stretch for about 30-40 minutes. Then I’d go to work and all day I was eating just complex carbs, all the chicken, all the standard dry stuff.

Taylor Kitsch

Courtesy of Disney

Teen: So, uh, you no longer have the long hair?

Taylor Kitsch: I don’t. Watch out. I don’t think I’ll ever work again.

Teen: Now that you’ve gone short, which do you prefer?

Taylor Kitsch: Well, it’s a catch 22. Sometimes I miss the long hair, but it’s just so much easier and things like boxing and swimming are a lot easier. And I don’t have to worry about styling it really. It’s so short that it doesn’t matter.

John Carter hits theaters March 9, 2012. Will you see it? Long hair or short hair? Shout out below!