Vine Star Refers to Women as “Props” Because He’s a Straight-Up Tool

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When you think of the biggest d-bag on Vine, your mind immediately goes to Carter Reynolds, a real winner who tried to rape his underage girlfriend and then continuously slut-shamed her in the aftermath. But in a shocking turn of events, we think one of his good pals has actually surpassed his level of tool-ness, as he made one of the most sexist remarks we’ve ever heard.

Taylor Caniff, who’s known as being one of the OG Magcon boys, pissed a WHOLE lot of people off after he denied he was dating any of the women in one of his latest projects by — wait for it — calling girls “props”.


What the actual eff?! The 19 year old then tried to justify his tweet by comparing what he said to what happens in rap videos.

Ummmm…okay. But clearly no one was buying it. Fans were not-so-surprisingly upset with his statement, but it turns out other celebrities got wind and were raging, too.



Eventually, Taylor stopped being so defensive and realized how wrong he was in saying what he did. The Viner deleted the initial tweet and apologized to the people he offended.

So disgusting; ugh. Will these Vine boys ever learn?!

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