13 Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired by Classic Books

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You know that English paper that you really should have finished by now (or, at the very least, started)? The one that’s supposed to be five pages, double-spaced and due in the all-too-soon future? The one that, in all honesty, you should be working on right now, but for whatever reason — distracting Vines, hilarious tweets, dank memes, the magnetic quality of the Internet as a whole — you just haven’t gotten around to yet? I don’t bring this up to stress you out — rather, I’m talking about it because I’m pretty sure that I have just the right thing to inspire you — these tattoos inspired by classic literature.

See, I’ve found a bunch of tats that are based on books that you probably have to read in English class — The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse-Five, Ulysses — but are actually really cool. So cool, in fact, you’ll be tempted to use them as your primary source. I mean, don’t do that, obviously. But definitely check out these gorgeous tattoos inspired by classic books that, if nothing else, will make you want to at least think about starting that English paper you’ve been neglecting:

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