YouTube Stars Tara Michelle and Taylor Baxter Break Up After 2 Years Together

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YouTube stars Tara Michelle Massicotte and Taylor Baxter celebrated their second anniversary a month ago, but unfortunately their relationship couldn’t survive and they decided to break up. The YouTubers let their fans know that they’re “not together anymore” in an emotional and slightly awkward video posted to Tara’s channel earlier this week.

“I consider her one of my best friends and, yeah; I would never want you permanently out of my life. I love you,” the 23-year-old Colorado native says at the beginning of the announcement vid, which was uploaded on September 8.

Taylor, who was once a part of the YT collaboration channel ThatYTLife, admits that there are several things he wants to accomplish on his own that he hasn’t been able to in the past because he and Tara were not only lovers, but also co-workers, as they often created content together during the relaysh.

“I feel like you held back from doing a lot of things,” Tara tells her ex.

The brunette beauty adds that making a video about the split is “the weirdest thing [she’s] ever had to do in [her] life.”

“I think it really just comes down to being in different places in our lives right now,” she explains.

Tara and Taylor are both planning on using this time as single individuals to better themselevs and assure fans that there are no hard feelings between them and they’re still good friends.

Check out the full video above.