Youtuber Accused of Mistreating Puppy After Posting Seemingly Innocent Picture

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Although Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus are both obsessed with their pets, both girls have been accused of mistreating their animals. And now joining the ranks of those stars who were slammed for one of the most disgusting things ever is YouTube beauty guru Tanya Burr, whose well-intention Instagram picture quickly turned sour.

The 26-year-old makeup artist decided to unwind from a recent trip to Mozambique by throwing Lush’s Unicorn Horn bubble bar into a warm bath over the weekend. Seems pretty normal, right?

Well it was, until the newly-minted Mrs. Jim Chapman posted a followup picture on Insta, this time showing another member of her family who obviously wanted in on her relaxation time.

Upon first glance, you’re obviously overwhelmed by Tanya’s dog’s cuteness. LOOK AT FACE! But once people got past the adorableness that is Martha the Dachshund, they began commenting on the problems with the situation. First and foremost, sharing a bath with a dog (even if it is the love of your life) is simply not hygienic. And second, there’s no telling what kind of reaction a puppy will have to human cleansing products, no matter how natural they are.

Sure, Tanya’s late-night soak with Martha may be a little weird to most, but as dog lovers ourselves, we can’t help but roll our eyes at the haters — and the British star agrees!

Do you think people overreacted to Tanya’s picture, or was she wrong for doing it? Tell us your thoughts below!

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