After Months of Speculation, YouTube Star Confirms He’s Got a New Girlfriend

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The rumors are true, guys! After much speculation, YouTube star Tanner Fox is confirming that he does, indeed, have a special woman in his life: a new girlfriend named Taylor. Though, she’s not new new — the pair’s actually been dating for months.

“I know you’ve seen her in the background of a few of my videos,” the 17-old cutie begins in a recent video, titled “MY GIRLFRIEND’S FIRST TIME! (MEET MY GIRLFRIEND).” And, no, it’s not clickbait. “A lot of you guys have been asking about her. This is my girlfriend, Taylor.”

“We’ve been spending a lot of time together these past two months,” reveals the professional stunt scooter rider, who’s amassed over 4 MILLION subscribers on YT. “So the reason you’re just now finding out about Taylor here- we did a lot of talking, and kind of thought this out a lot. And I didn’t want to introduce the vlog, obviously, ’cause that’s a really big deal to me. I didn’t want to introduce you guys to someone that was temporary.”

“I was looking out for the both of us, as well as you guys,” he adds.

Well, we guess Tanner plans on having Taylor around for the long haul, ’cause now she’s going to be joining Tan for some vloggin’. Congrats, you two!

Watch Tanner & Taylor’s first official vlog here:

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