YouTuber Tanner Braungardt & GF Split After Less Than a Year Together

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Tanner Braungardt is only 17 years old, but he’s in no way, shape, or form, a normal teenager. The social-media star has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram, so his life is hectic, to say the least. While the teen obviously loves what he does, he now understands that the pressure of being throw into fame at such a young age can sometimes take a toll on things, particularly relationships.

Earlier this week, the trampolinist announced that he and his girlfriend, Paris Anderson, decided to break up.

“With me being gone and stuff all the time, we fought a lot whenever I was gone,” he explained in a YT video. “I think it was ’cause we missed each other, but we’d always fight. And it would make it to where I was sad, upset mad on those trips. […] With Hawaii and all this stuff coming up, I decided I want to do what’s best for me; I want to just be alone. I want to focus on myself, focus on my channel, focus on being happy.”

The news of this breakup may come as a shock to some, because Tanner purposely only put the good moments between the former couple in his vlogs.

He continued, “I feel like for both of us to be happy, and for what’s best for both of us, I do my thing and she does hers.”

The Kansas-born boy decided to take “a quick break” from posting videos following his announcement, because he doesn’t “want to have to fake feelings.”

Tanner and Paris started dating on December 11, 2016, but didn’t confirm their relationship until about a month later.

“Half a year with my favorite person,” the 16-year-old wrote on Instagram back in June. “Happy 6 months babe. Love you lots.”