According to Police, Tana Mongeau’s TanaCon Was Basically a Scam

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Fans said it, Shane Dawson said it, and now police are saying it — there weren’t 15,000+ unticketed people at TanaCon last weekend, causing the convention to get shut down, like Tana Mongeau was trying to claim. In fact, according to authorities, the YouTube event actually collapsed because it was basically a scam.

Here’s what happened: the 20-year-old said she sold about 5,000 tickets to the YouTuber meetup, which was allegedly the capacity of the venue, but later claimed that 15-20K fans who didn’t purchase VIP or register for free tix showed up, basically causing a riot. The City of Garden Grove police department, which was eventually called to the site to deal with the security issues, released a press release earlier this week that says, no, that many people were not there.

In reality, according to authorities, the hotel ballrooms could only hold 1,150 people — NOT 5K like the blonde said.

“The police supervisors on-scene estimated the crowd was between 4,000-5,000 people,” the police statement reads. “Social media sites said the crowd was 20,000 and this was not accurate.”

So, why would Tana lie and exaggerate the number of attendees by SO much? Why would she sell 5,000 tickets if the venue could only hold 1,150? Maybe she was misinformed? Maybe someone pulled wool over HER eyes? Maybe…or mayyyybe TanaCon was one big scam.

The YouTuber promised that everyone would get refunds and many of the other creators who attended also have plans to make it up to their fans who attended in hopes of meeting them. Let’s just hope that this actually happens and that Tana explains what the h*ll went wrong last weekend.