Shocking New Details Seemingly Prove TanaCon Was a Scam from the Start

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Police alluded to it, and now new details prove that Tana Mongeau‘s TanaCon was a scam from the very beginning. In the third part of Shane Dawson‘s YouTube series about the failed convention, the 29-year-old exposed Good Times, the company that organized the event, and CEO Michael Weist for signing off on things that almost guaranteed things would fail.

First and foremost: the security. The 20-year-old said she was repeatedly told that the convention would have tons of highly trained security guards to help keep both featured creators and attendees safe during the event. Shane got hold of the contracts, however, and revealed that there were, at most, 25 guards at a time. The YouTuber explains that the average is 50 guards per 5,000 people, meaning that TanaCon only had half of the norm.

Another major topic of discussion was the free vs. VIP tickets sold. The blonde has said, over and over again, that she was told most of the tickets being sold were free and only a limited number of people could purchase special VIP access. Turns out, 5,108 tickets purchased were VIP and only 200-300 were free.

“Michael claims that Tana knew that and she was lying when she said she didn’t,” Shane explains. “Tana still says she didn’t [know].”

The third piece of evidence that this whole thing was shady from the beginning? The contract with the Anaheim Marriott, where the convention was held. Michael’s signature is allegedly on a document that says the estimated number of attendees was 1,000, over 4,000 less than who purchased tickets for the event.

It is important to note, however, that both Tana and Michael say the hotel staff assured them that while 1K was the number on the contract, the space could hold up to 5K.

Tana promised to refund everyone who came to the event, but it turns out the $325,000 that is owed will have to come directly from Good Times, as Michael signed a contract stating that the company would be responsible if anything went wrong. And, according to the 21-year-old, he and GT are synonymous, meaning that he now is personally responsible for coming up with over a quarter million dollars.

In short, Tana Mongeau had incredibly high hopes for TanaCon, as we all did. But, based on all this evidence, the event was destined to fail from the very beginning. Michael has apologized for the event’s failure and promises to “make it right.”