All the YouTubers Who are Attending TanaCon This Weekend

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The day so many have been waiting for is finally here: It’s time for TanaCon!! If you’re wondering what the heck TanaCon is, let us explain.

Back in April, Tana Mongeau posted a video on her YouTube channel titled, “Why I Won’t Be Attending Vidcon 2018: A Rant.” In the 79-minute vid, she detailed multiple incidents that happened at the convention over the years that led her to stop attending altogether. She claimed the mistreatment, lies and discrimination she faced from VidCon staff was so severe that she felt she needed to speak out. The video shook the YouTube world and caused numerous other creators to come forward about their own problems with the con.

At the end of the video, the blonde asked the viewers if they would want to have a free meet-and-greet on the same day as VidCon in Anaheim. The feedback must have been positive because suddenly the idea turned into a full-blown separate convention. Dubbed “TanaCon,” it is taking place the same weekend as VidCon (June 22-23) and is featuring a ton of your favorite creators. Many of them will be attending both, so you have a more than one chance to see your fave if you’re there! Here’s everyone who will be making an appearance at TanaCon this weekend: