Tana Mongeau Watched as Her Best Friend Accidentally Shot & Killed Himself

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Tana Mongeau has previously talked about how her best friend, Triston Taylor Green, died a couple years ago, but never went into too many details surrounding his passing. She was recently doing a live stream, however, when she was asked about his death and let fans in on the horrific situation that took his life.

Back in October 2015, the 18-year-old, her friend Bella Fusco and the Alaskan guy were hanging out when he started to play with a gun, even though his pals warned him not to point it at his head because “it could be loaded.”

“His thing was always saying like, ‘Look! The gun isn’t loaded.’ And pointing the gun at this head and jokingly pulling the trigger — even just saying that sounds insane,” she explained. “And so, the gun wasn’t loaded but there was a bullet stuck in the chamber and he accidentally shot himself in the head. I was there and Bella was there…he just started bleeding.”

Although they all thought he was dead, Taylor survived the shot and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“For 10 days they thought he was going to be alive; they thought he was going to live.”

Sadly, however, TTG was declared brain dead and he passed away shortly after.

Tana calls the accident “the most traumatic thing to ever happen to [her],” but doesn’t cry about her friend’s death because she knows he wouldn’t want her to be sad.

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