Tana Mongeau Fans Considering Lawsuit After TanaCon Disaster

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Tana Mongeau (hopefully) had good intentions with TanaCon, a convention for fans to meet their favorite YouTubers for little to no money, but the event failed miserably. Turns out, the convention oversold tickets, had a venue that couldn’t fit the amount of people that showed up, didn’t have security that was up to the task at hand, and had so many other issues. Basically, the whole thing was a scam. Now, hundreds of fans who attended the con and were left sunburnt, dehydrated, etc., are considering suing Good Times, the organization that sponsored it.

Attendee Anamarie Olson says, according to The Blast, that she’s spearheading a possible class-action lawsuit against the promoter because people who were subjected to the hellacious few hours deserve refunds and compensation for “mistreatment during the event.”

“I started feeling less and less excited about the event because I had a feeling it would be very unorganized, but I hoped for the best,” she said. “After waiting for about five hours in the sun, with no shade or water or food, a representative of Good Times made an announcement that the event was canceled for the day but would resume as scheduled Saturday with an additional location.”

The next morning, TanaCon was canceled completely, but there was no further information made available for people left waiting in limbo.

Anamarie is seeking “refunds on our tickets and travel, and also compensation for our mistreatment during the event” and is currently talking to law firms who helped people following the Fyre Festival disaster.

She says there are about 200 people who are interested in joining the suit.

Shane Dawson recently revealed that Good Times CEO Michael Weist signed a contract with a ticketing agent that said if anything was to go wrong with the convention and people needed refunds, his company would be responsible for the compensation. This means that he is now responsible for coming up with about $325,000, which he says he does not have.