Tana Mongeau Makes Official Apology for TanaCon Disaster, One Month Later

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It’s been over a month since the disaster that was TanaCon, a convention put on by YouTube star Tana Mongeau that was supposed to be an incredible event for fans and creators alike, but ended up being a total scam.

The 20-year-old addressed the incident on social media immediately after it happened and also appeared in Shane Dawson‘s 3-part docuseries all about it, which aired on YT last month, but never officially apologized or explained her side of the story… until now, that is.

The blonde posted an hour-long video detailing the disaster that was TanaCon on YouTube yesterday. She titled it “The good, the bad, and the ugly,” which perfectly describes what went down on that fateful weekend.

Tanacon: the good, the bad, and the ugly. From my shoes. Linked in bio

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Tana explains that she waited so long to post her explanation video because she wanted the refund situation to be handled, which, she says, was and about 99% of people already got their money back. She also confirms that she will be using the money earned from the vid to reimburse people who bought flights and hotel rooms for the weekend.

She starts the vid, “Where I went wrong was going into this with spite and going into this with ego. And doing this in two months. I should’ve done it with people who I trusted. […] I put my fans at stake, I put my reputation at stake, I put my life and everything that I love more than anything in the world at stake because I believed in it. But to be frank, that wasn’t enough.”

The YouTuber than said the words that people have been waiting almost a month to hear — “I’m sorry.”

“To everyone that believed in me — whether you came and you got a sunburn and you waited in line for hours and hours and hours, or you are simply watching along this journey and you believed in me and I let you down — I’m sorry and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make this better.”

You can watch the full video, which includes footage of Tana planning TanaCon as well as giving commentary of what was happening behind the scenes when everything fell apart, above.