Tana Mongeau’s Getting Sued! & People Think It’s by Her Fellow YouTubers

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If you follow Tana Mongeau on social media, you know that she’s been having some serious issues with her fellow YouTube stars Payton and Mikahl Caci, better known as the Caci Twins on YT. Basically, they grew up in together in Las Vegas and despite the fact that the twins often claim that they used to be severely bullied by people including Suede Brooks, the 17-year-old says they’re complete liars. The real story is actually flipped, and the twins were the ones who were horrible from the beginning and bullied Suede so badly that she dropped out of middle school. Caught up? Good. Now let’s get into the current story.

Yesterday, the blonde tweeted, “being sued upon claims that are lies. sure you can guess by who. sigh… sad that cruel people really have it out for others in the world.” And due to the fact that she’s had such big issues with the sisters in the past, people are pretty sure they’re the ones who are starting the legal trouble.

Although Tana didn’t confirm her fans’ allegations, she DID write an interestingly timed tweet to the twins, telling them to “stop lying.”

No word on what exactly the YouTuber is actually being sued for, or if the Caci Twins are legit the ones responsible, but we’re sure we’ll hear alllllll the details in one of her storytime videos, which are just getting more entertaining as the days pass.

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