The Terrifying Moment When a YouTuber Realized a Stalker Broke Into Her House

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A lot of crazy ish happens to Tana Mongeau, but she’s currently dealing with something so terrifying that it gave us chills.

The 17-year-old recently got back from a trip, left her suitcase packed and went on with her life. A couple days later, she woke up with a weird feeling and noticed that her Polaroid camera (which was still inside her luggage) was sitting on the table next to her bed. The YouTuber obviously thought this was very weird and went downstairs to see if anything was out of place.

“I open up my suitcase where the Polaroid camera was and the Polaroid camera case was there and all of the film was there but the film was scattered everywhere…,” she said.

The blonde then started going through everything, and noticed two pictures that she never saw before, including one of her sleeping.


“The weird thing about this is I don’t think this is my bed. I normally don’t sleep in makeup; I feel like this was taken in DC or in a hotel or something. But it kinda looks like my bed… I have white comforters and white pillows, so there’s no way of really telling… I don’t know when this was taken, or…”

While Tana has dealt with this stalker since she was in second grade, she says this is definitely an escalation and the police are taking it very seriously.

To make things even MORE terrifying, the YouTuber received an email to her business account from a strange account with the subject, “A Fun Scary Story for You to Enjoy.” We’re not going to repeat the words this person wrote because they’re SO graphic, but you can hear her recite the note in the video below.

We can’t even imagine going through something like this. We are thinking of Tana at this difficult time and hope she and the police can work something out so she stays safe.

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