Stalker Breaks Into YouTuber’s House to Do One of the Creepiest Things Ever

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Every time Tana Mongeau talks about her stalker, it seems his (or her) creepiness keeps escalating. This time, less than a month since she found pictures of her sleeping body beside her bed, the YouTuber is sadly dealing with another terrifying stalker incident.

Tana and her friends Ashley, Maia and Bella traveled to Reno for Halloween and while the blonde decided to extend her trip, the other girls went home to Vegas as scheduled. When they got there, they noticed something terrifying: the “house was spotlessly clean.”

“When we left the house, it was messy as f*ck,” she explained on Snapchat. “The only people that were there were my parents and they did not clean.”

The realization that someone broke into their house came after Tana’s roommate, Ashley, woke up and heard footsteps running up the stairs. She knew the other two girls were sleeping, so she woke them up, locked everyone in a room downstairs and called the police. The 17-year-old wasn’t home, but still relayed the scary details to her followers.

“The police come in the house, [but] there’s no sign of forced entry; there’s no sign of anyone being there. They go upstairs to the upstairs door and it’s locked. So, whoever broke in had a key and locked the door.”

While the blonde used to try to laugh her stalker’s creepy moves off, she now knows how serious the situation has gotten.

“Every single day, something happens that makes me more afraid to continue living my life and more under the belief that I will die before I’m f*cking 30 and that sucks so f*cking bad.”

We can’t even imagine.


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