Tana Mongeau’s BF Ended Things After He Saw Her Getting Cozy with YouTuber

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Fans thought that Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth broke up back in April, but the 20-year-old confirmed that they were actually “still together” on May 29. Less than two weeks later, however, the YouTube guy is taking back his statement.

The 18-year-old often makes outrageous videos, but one she recently filmed with Kian Lawley went a bit too far, at least according to Somer. Tana teased Friday’s upload by calling it “nuts” on Twitter and posting a screenshot that showed her giving the 21-year-old a lap dance.

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When Somer saw this picture, he felt blindsided and freaked the eff out. The college student turned to social media to express his feelings of betrayal and shade the crap out of the blonde.

Tana went live on YouNow to defend herself, saying that she did NOT cheat on her boyfriend with Kian and the lap dance was 100 percent a joke. But while she felt she did nothing wrong, she also acknowledged that she understands why Somer is upset and is heartbroken that he blocked her because she wants to talk to him.

Hopefully Tana and Somer can talk things out in private very soon.

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