The 8 Most Shocking Tana Mongeau Storytimes… That Actually Happened!

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Tana Mongeau is currently the reigning queen of YouTube and there is definitely a reason why. Although she’s only 17 years old, the blonde beauty’s life is BEYOND outrageous. Basically, if something could possibly happen, it’s something Tana has dealt with. Phone destroyed? Duh, many times. Crazy Uber drivers? Been there, done that. Disney star using your money for cocaine? Crazy… but it happened! Basically, the YouTuber lives a life that is meant to create storytime videos from.

Even though most of Tana’s crazy YT stories are true, she (admittedly) uses click bait and melodrama occasionally to get people to watch her videos. We’re going to give her a pass for stretching the truth sometimes, because the ish that she has actually dealt with is so effing insane was can’t even BEGIN to wrap our heads around it. Here are some of the funny woman’s most INSANE stories that are actually true: