Tana Mongeau Tried to Hook Up with Scott Disick…in FRONT of Bella Thorne

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A lot of Tana Mongeau‘s stories are insane, but turn out to be total BS. Her recent YouTube video, however, probably takes the cake for being her CRAZIEST tale ever told that actually happened.

The 19-year-old YouTuber attended Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas a few weeks ago with a bunch of her friends and while things got crazy, she had a great time. On the last night of the festival, Tana went to a super exclusive party at the Palms Hotel where she spotted none other than Scott Disick in the corner of the suite.

She explained, “I immediately am like, ‘Target acquired. […] I will end up in a bed with this man, I don’t care how I do it.'”

The blonde started “hoe dancing” in hopes of catching his attention when suddenly Bella Thorne appeared out of nowhere and cut into the 34-year-old’s view. The former Disney Channel star then apparently started doing the same type of dance moves in front of her man, which Scott was “feeling,” BTW, and Tana was shook.

“On occasion she hit a good [pose] and she’ll, like, look at me like, ‘Yeah, b*tch. You see this?’ And I’m like, ‘I do, sister. I’ll give it to you.’ *claps*”

Welp, if we learned anything from this (insane) story, it’s that at least SD isn’t a cheater!! You can watch the entire vid below:

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