Tana Mongeau Says She’s Quitting YouTube, But There’s a Major Catch

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Yesterday, Tana Mongeau uploaded a video titled, “I’m quitting YouTube.. I can’t take this anymore (goodbye).” SAY WHHHHHATTTT?! Hold on one second, guys. We sat through the 19-year-old’s entire 30-minute vid to get the details about her supposed Internet departure, but guess what? Not once did Tana actually talk about leaving YT. NOT. FREAKIN’. ONCE. Joke’s on us, we guess — the blonde is known for being the queen of clickbait.

While the Las Vegas native played us all for fools, we aren’t totally mad at her for enticing us to sit through a video that wasted a half hour of our lives. Instead of discussing her plans for quitting YT, Tana talked about haters and how she now embraces the notion that she’s changed since making her first vid two years ago. She also addressed the mistakes she’s made in the past and how she’s “continuing to learn” every single day.

“The only opinion in life that really matters is your own,” she explained. “Even if someone is hating on me and they think they have me all figured out and they think that they know me, they don’t.”

While we weren’t too thrilled that we were fooled by the clickbait, fellow YouTubers James Charles and Jeffree Star really loved the message.

The 18-year-old makeup artist wrote, “Ok as much as I drag Tana for being a dumb*ss bitch her new video is so incredibly well spoken, definitely watch.”

Jeffree added, “Say what you want about @tanamongeau but her new video was SO raw and honest..real sh*t people need to remember.”

The 31-year-old also addressed Tana directly saying, “I related to so much of what you said.. some days I want to give up and crying myself to sleep gets old.”

So, is TM quitting YouTube? NOPE! Glad that’s settled.
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