Tana Mongeau Was Able to Meet the Man Who Received Her Dead BFF’s Heart

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It’s been almost two years since Tana Mongeau‘s best friend, Triston Taylor Green, accidentally shot and killed himself while she watched, but the pain of his passing is still fresh. While nothing will ever fully take away the YouTube star’s pain, she was recently able to do something many would describe as a miracle — meet the person who received his heart following his death.

“An awesome miracle to come out of [Triston’s death] was that a lot of his organs were able to be donated because he was so young and in good shape,” the Youtuber explained in a recent vlog that took place at TTG’s mother’s wedding. “Someone was able to actually take his heart — they had a heart condition. His heart was working well enough to give to someone else. And now this guy is living and super healthy and he has Triston’s heart. And so Becky, Triston’s mom, is getting married today and she has no idea that this guy is going to show up with Triston’s heart. I literally have goosebumps. I did not know that and I’m gonna bawl my eyes out.”

While the blonde didn’t record the moment when everyone met the person living with Triston’s organ, she did post an emotional tribute to her late BFF on Instagram, along with a photo of his mother using a stethoscope to hear the heartbeat.

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She captioned the pictures, “Rest in peace to my best friend.. Truly the only miracle to come out of losing the light of my life was hearing that you chose to be an organ donor. Though, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet the person carrying your living, beating heart. Hearing your heartbeat once again, this time only with a different outer shell — all while at your moms wedding. I love you, Triston Taylor Green. To watch that experience, the link is in my bio.”


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