Tana Mongeau Accused of Joking About Manchester on Secret Instagram

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Tana Mongeau recently made fans’ jaws drop when she seemingly revealed that she and Malcolm McCormick, better known as Mac Miller, dated before his untimely death. Now, she is under fire for allegedly laughing at a highly inappropriate joke about the Manchester terrorist attack, which took place at Ariana Grande‘s, Mac’s ex-girlfriend, May 2017 concert and left 22 people dead and hundreds more injured, on her private Instagram account.

Someone with access to the YouTube star’s Finsta account, @fedsrwatching, leaked a screenshot of an alleged text conversation between her and BFF Imari Stuart that was posted on the page. The blonde allegedly sent the 19-year-old a fake Snapchat picture of Ari making light of the bombing victims and proceeded to laugh about the “joke.”

tana mongeau manchester joke

Instagram (@fedsrwatching)

YouTuber Elijah Daniel followed the account before it was deleted, which seemingly confirms that it was really Tana’s. Needless to say, many of the “F*ck Up” singer’s fans were disgusted when they saw the inappropriate and offensive joke that was made about a situation that is so incredibly heartbreaking.

Tana, however, maintains that while the Insta account was hers at one point, she did NOT joke about Manchester.

She continued, “We live in a ‘cancelled’ culture where everyone is always looking for a reason to cancel someone especially someone like me who has a lot of hate to begin with. It was easy for someone to come for me in a situation where I was already down and wrong as f*ck & I accept that.”

The Storytime YouTuber proceeded to let her followers know that she loves and supports Ariana and would NEVER make light of such a tragic situation.

“I will not let people think I think anything related to the Ariana attack is funny,” she added. “I love and support Ariana and am a huge f*cking stan of her. This is breaking my heart. She has gone through HELL and is the strongest person I’ve literally ever seen in the public eye.”

We aren’t sure what Tana feels that she has to formally apologize for if she did not make the joke, but we will have to stay tuned and see what she has to say in the (hopefully) near future.”