7 Things Tana Mongeau Was Exposed for Lying About… with Receipts!!

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Tana Mongeau‘s honesty (or lack thereof) has been quite the topic of discussion ever since she shot to YouTube fame a couple years ago. It’s not exactly rare for “storytime” videos to be a bit ~embellished~ in the YT community — but straight-up lying is still considered a major no-no. That being said, the 18-year-old’s tales are sometimes SO crazy that people have a hard time believing they’re true, yet she still has 2.4 million subscribers who can’t seem to get enough of her stories.

On the other hand, a quick search of “Tana Mongeau Exposed” on YouTube yields HUNDREDS of videos from different users hopping on the anti-Tana train, that is, one in which the riders don’t believe a word she says. A lot of these vids don’t exactly have any solid evidence supporting their claims, but every once in a while, people from the girls’ past are willing to provide ~the receipts~ to PROVE (pretty much) that the blonde is full of crap…allegedly, of course.