YouTuber Let Disney Star Borrow Money for Drugs Days Before He Entered Rehab

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We’ve heard a lot of crazy s*it go down in YouTubers’ lives, but nothing is more insane than this. Tana Mongeau, a YouTube star who got famous for uploading shocking storytime videos, just posted a vid called “DISNEY STAR STOLE MY MONEY FOR COCAINE,” and no, she’s not click-baiting.

The tale goes like this: The 17-year-old who hails from Las Vegas was at a party one night last summer when she met a guy who she calls ‘Brian’ who was best friends with ‘Jeff,’ a SUPER famous Disney Channel actor.

“This Disney star is not just any Disney star; he at one point was a f*cking superstar,” she said. “He was incredibly f*cking famous. He was on the most successful show on Disney channel at the time.”

Because Tana grew up watching his show, she was obviously freaking out upon meeting him and was thrilled when they seemed to hit it off and started a conversation. But then things got really weird.

“After about 20 minutes of conversation, he’s like, ‘Yo I left my wallet in the car, do you think I could borrow $40 from you? I’ll pay you back by the end of the night.”

But while the blonde thought his request was shady AF, it seemed like he “needed the money for something very urgent,” so she decided to give it to him. Well, the teen quickly learned what ‘Jeff’ needed the cash for so urgently, and it wasn’t something good.

“About 20 minutes later, a guy walks over to him… and the guy pulls out a little thing of cocaine and ‘Jeff’ hands him $40 — my $40.”

As shocked as she was, Tana decided to let the situation go and eventually asked the actor for her money back, only to be met with, “I’m sorry, do I know you?” WHAT THA–!?!

The story doesn’t end there, however! Later, the Vegas girl tweeted about the incident and was immediately met with a series of direct messages from ‘Jeff’ telling her to deleted the tweets otherwise he’d sue her. Luckily, that never happened, but the very next day she woke up and saw a news story that this guy had entered rehab…dun dun dun!!

“Fast forward a few months later… the Disney star gets out of rehab… and the Disney star comes over and walks straight up to me and is like,’I’m sorry for that one time, I just had a really bad drug habit.’ He gives me $40 back because he wants to pay me back.”

Are you dying?! Because we’re dying. And although Tana never mentioned the star’s name (other than a brief slip-up where it looks like she’s mouthing an ‘M’), many people have done some sleuthing and landed upon one person who they think might be the mystery man — Hannah Montana‘s Mitchel Musso.



So, do you think Tana’s mystery man is Mitchel Musso, or another one of these Disney stars who went to rehab?

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