Tana Mongeau Considered Suicide After She Was Caught Using Racial Slur

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If you haven’t been keeping up with the Tana MongeauiDubbbzTV drama, you’ve seriously been living under a rock. Basically, the 18-year-old claimed that the 25-year-old came up to her at a meet & greet, got her in a chokehold and tried to force her to say the n-word. While the general story was true, Tana’s fellow YouTuber provided receipts that proved she was lying during most of her storytime video about the incident. After people started to realize that the blonde hadn’t been fully truthful, they started doing some digging and uncovered footage of her using the n-word MULTIPLE times in the past, and a deleted tweet telling iDubbbz to kill himself. Sure, some fans still supported Tana during the sh*it storm, but most people demanded an explanation and apology, which was finally given on her YT channel.

The teen admitted that while she had technically ~apologized~ for the racist videos in the past, she never actually said she was sorry from the bottom of her heart, because she was young and stupid. Tana sincerely apologized for the mistakes she made years ago and also for how she exaggerated the meet & greet story, which was not done intentionally.

“In my head, the situation was a lot longer…it was more dramatic. It was so much MORE,” she explained. “I spoke entirely from emotion.”

Tana then went on to say that the past week was “the hardest week of [her] life,” because she “received more hate than [she] thought possible in [her] entire YouTube career.” The hate got so bad, in fact, that the teen found herself thinking suicidal thoughts at some points.

“I’ve never let the hate get to me. Never once have I read hate comments and believed them, until now, this past week. [I] would read comments of people telling me they wanted me to kill myself and I’ve NEVER felt this feeling before, but I genuinely was like, ‘Should I? Would the world be a better place without me?'”

Ultimately, the blonde beauty credits her supporters for being “the reason why [she’s] still alive” and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson for helping her get through everything.

You can watch Tana’s full apology below:

Not all of Tana’s stories are lies (we think). Here are the ones that really happened: