The Disgusting Thing a YouTube Star Did to Get Revenge on Her Enemy

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If you thought nothing could be more disgusting than Tana Mongeau‘s first toothbrush story, wait until you hear the tale she just told. The 17-year-old YouTube star is known for not giving one single eff about what people think of her, and based on her crazy videos, it seems like this carefree attitude usually backfires and gets her in trouble. But even though the blonde may seem a bit intimidating, she is really a sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt a fly… unless you make her really mad.

When Tana started dating her boyfriend, he had a college roommate that was basically the worst. In addition to going on drug-induced fits and being SUPER disrespectful to everyone he lived with, this guy would also trash-talk the YouTuber behind her back and try to get Somer to break up with her. Not cool. One day, the teenager had enough when he made her buy him a new toothbrush because her hairbrush touched it, and decided to get some revenge.

“I go in the bathroom and I close the door and I’m sitting there quite frustrated… and vengeful Tana came out at her best.”

Tana says she’s “not proud” of what she did, but in the moment she was just so fed up with his antics and needed to do something.

“I took his toothbrush and I exfoliated my entire face with face wash and really made sure to get into the dead skin and fill his toothbrush with particles of my dead skin.”

But that wasn’t all! Exfoliating the skin off her nose made it “really runny” and she needed somewhere to blow it. While the toilet paper may have been an option, this guy’s “towel was looking like a really plush, nice nose to blow [her] nose incessantly, so [she] did.”

After she literally left her mark, Tana proceeded to exit the bathroom and let this guy who she calls ‘Projectile Vomit’ brush his teeth with his skin-filled toothbrush and dry himself off with her boogers.

We are half gagging, half applauding.


Sure Tana did a gross thing, but at least her overall hygiene isn’t as bad as these celebs’: